Confessions of an accidental fame junkie

When Columbus discovered America (Amerigo Vesapuci got there first me knows! But I have left this “fact” alone with due respect to popular misconception), he would never have realized that I would have chosen him as a starting point for my first ever blog. I’m not a blogger. I want to be famous, that’s why I’m blogging! Ok, that’s also not logical. So what is a hyper normal human being with her interests in books, people, psychology, human mind, superstition, abnormal news items, Japanese books in translation, quizzing, stimulating intellectual conversations, auras, Chinese food, exotic new age ideas, armchair travels, films, alternative music, intense visual imagery, writing have to say to get her blog started? I honestly don’t know. But don’t you think I have written enough to get started.?


2 thoughts on “Confessions of an accidental fame junkie

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