Saturday and Sunday

Again, another Saturday spend at Aries Bookstore. Since it was the end of the month and both AquaM and I were broke, we reserved some books to take back home as soon as we get our salary. AquaM was really spooked out by my imitation of the Witches of Macbeth and a British old lady! I was bored and entertaining myself by doing these voices. I’d take a book, read the burlb, turn up my nose at it and dump it into the pile it was supposed to go in. It was good fun! It reminded me of my theatre days! I swear one of these days I will run away and become an actor in a travelling theatre company like Footsbarn!

With no New Year plans, I spend New Year at home in the company of my folks. It can’t get boring than that. So I shall refrain from torturing you poor souls who have been kind enough to visit my blog. 🙂


Let me know what you think.

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