Difference between the artist and the craftsperson

My random thoughts run into various directions. Sample this:

According to RG Collingwood (Principles of Art) what distinguishes the artist from the craftsman is that the craftsman has a precise notion of what s/he is

The artist, in contrast, performs his/her creations to learn what they become. And in learning what they become, the artist informs him/herself about something
previously unknown to the artist.

In one way, an artist never has a career at all. They not only work for themselves, they often have few clues about where they are headed. There is no career ladder, as there is no ladder at all.

Yes, the artist improves his/her technique, but that is secondary.

Now, when I read this I was reminded of my friend who is making her living by writing. By the above definition, she would be an artist not a craftsperson. Hey Ariel, I’m talking about you. 🙂


Let me know what you think.

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