V day blues and yellows

Think about V day and some people’s eyes mist over, their breathing quickens and overall they look pretty stupid. And I’m not saying this just because I’m single… [Hint… hint. :)] I should V day is a pretty silly concept. Come on is romance limited to red heart-shaped balloons or Hallmark cards? I don’t think so. Anything can be romantic. A glance across the room. A special smile. A touch. Also, love does not keep a calender, turning up only on Feb 14. Saint Valentine may have been punctual but love aint. In other words, Feb 14 is a card company conspiracy to seperate people from their cash in the shortest possible time. Of course, there’s mother’s day, father’s day, pet’s day etc day…the list goes on.

I forsee a future where there will be “Give a rest to your right arm” day especially as the after effects of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome comes clear say in a decade or so. That would be when people would have discovered a different software that would make keyboards redundant. Or worse, we might have “Meet other human beings” day when we would have lost touch with the art of making friends as people become best friends with their laptops. Or “Hold a book” day when people would have forgotten what a book looks like. Hmm. I could go on. But you get the drift. So all ye singletons, do not despair, V day is a sham and by staying away from celebrating it, we are helping to save the civilization!!!


2 thoughts on “V day blues and yellows

  1. hi just me, thanks for the flowers…:) I suppose I could get irritatingly mushy and say “choo chweet”, but I wont!

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