Rana Dasgupta Cancelled

Rana Dasgupta’s “Tokyo Cancelled” is off my reading list as of now. No matter how good he looked on NDTV Profit’s Just Books programme!! Just kidding. The real reason was that Arielle thought that Dasgupta’s uber urban Boccaccio-Chaucer inspired collection of traveller’s tales is not worth it. And I trust her instinct on books as well as people. The most controversial thing that I found about this nouveau writer was that he was supposed to have claimed famously “he was not an Indian.” Well, okay, RD. You look like a freshly returned NRI with the sole purpose of making your name in India. Apparently, he has lived in NYC, London, and some other places all over the world. But then he gave it all up to make his living as a Indian writer in English in dusty Delhi. How brave!! And his Angrezi-mem-mom-Bengali-father origin explains why he said that he didn’t consider himself an Indian. But then, if he wasn’t an Indian, why is he here?

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