There’s something about Mamoni

I love reading anything that makes me laugh. So this is something that I have discovered on the net. And yeah, I will take credit for discovering it: it’s a collaborative fiction called There is something about Mamoni. I thought that it was an Indian version of There is something about Mary. It is that and much more. I found that it was in the time-honoured and fecund imaginative tradition of Anurag Mathur (The Inscrutable Americans) and Upamanyu Chatterjee (English, August). I was in splits after reading it. Which meant that I had to share it with the others. And they were in splits too!!! So this comes highly recommended by a very selective book reader with an eclectic taste in reading. That would be me 🙂 . One word of caution though: since the background for this piece is in Calcutta (can’t bring myself to write the “k” word…. reminds me of Ekta Kapoorish soaps!!), some or most of the dialogue is in Bangla. So unless you are familiar with it somewhat, the full potential for laughter is lost. But otherwise too, if you can skip the Bangla bits, the enjoyment is not completely lost.

Here is a sample passage to start you off:

“A Close Encounter Of The First Kind”

Mamoni hurried through her breakfast and went to her room. She moved around the bed with a pillow around her arms like Anil Kapoor in “1942: A Love Story”, which was, incidentally, her favourite movie, but, to her credit, she didn’t tear up the pillow. The more she thought of America the more she wanted to meet Ashes. She had always wanted to see falling snow. In dreams she often found herself in the place of Madhu in Roja and on the top of that the opportunity to go to America had come straight out of the blue. Instantly she started planning her first visit to the land of dreams. Suddeny she felt that she had to meet Robert. He knew a lot of geography and could tell her where exactly in America she would be able to see snow. But right at this moment Ashes was the key to her success and all other boy friend of the past and present faded away in the wilderness.


4 thoughts on “There’s something about Mamoni

  1. Hehe at “a very selective book reader with an eclectic taste.” As for the ‘K’ word, isn’t it still eons better than the oh-so-disgusting ‘C’ word?

  2. So you don’t think that I’m a very selective book reader with an eclectic taste? And what’s the “C” word?

  3. No, I meant it was a nice phrase.

    The ‘C’ word is – oh horror of horrors, don’t make me say it again! – Chennai, of course.

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