My first book

It’s only an adaptation
It’s for kids
It’s only a textbook
But I’m mega kicked that I have finally finished my first book (A retelling of “The Hound of the Baskervilles”). Technically, I finished writing it last year but it will be out soon this year. And the icing on the cake is that my first reader has loved it. My editor, Sylvia, said that the typesetter sat up all night to finish the book. Now, that’s a compliment…! So I told her not to congratulate me because in actuality I didn’t write it. She should congratulate Sir Arthur Conan Doyle instead. But she insisted that I was the one who was responsible for this riveting read. Her point: would the typesetter have stayed up all night to read Holmes in the original? Arielle agrees with Sylvia. But I’m not convinced. It’s a classic detective story with classic elements of suspense, plot, structure, and red herrings. “The Hound of the Baskervilles” could be written in Icelandic and it be still be as gripping!

Thanks Sylvia. I owe you.


4 thoughts on “My first book

  1. Wow! Can I have an autographed copy please?

    But seriously… its wonderful… I’ve always wanted to write a book too…

    Let me read yours and pick up a few ideas then! ;o)

  2. Poornima, it’s just a textbook for middle school kids and it’s not out yet 🙂 And the way you write I should be asking you for autographed copies.

  3. Congrats! Do let us all know when your book is out. If your blogs are just an indication of your literary abilities, then I am sure your book will be worth the wait.

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