Ryu Murakami

Since I have shaken off the write rust, I realise that I do have so much to say. Of late, I have stumbled onto this interesting short story site Zoetrope. And from there, I read this interesting new writer (new to me that is) Ryu Murakami (no relation to Haruki Murakami). He is a very cutting edge writer and I am trying to get hold of his 1976 novel Almost Transparent Blue. All I know of him is what I have tried reading up on the net. And this is what I have come up with.

· He is the enfant terrible of Japanese literature.
· His characters live in a hazy world of sex, drugs, and music. (At least in Almost Transparent Blue, they do).
· His novels have interesting names like Coin Locker Babies, another novel of his.
· He is a very popular writer in Japan.
· Not all of his books have been translated into English.
· He hit the headlines with a controversial new book, Ano kane de nani ga kaeta ka (What could we have done with that money?), about the 7.4 trillion yen the Japanese government paid out to struggling banks in 1999.
· He’s won numerous awards that I cannot list here.
· When he is not writing, he is making movies.

Has anyone read him or heard of him?


2 thoughts on “Ryu Murakami

  1. I haven’t read Murakami – however, I have read Yukio Mishima’s “The Temple of the Golden Pavilion.” It is acclaimed and considered a classic. It is unmistakably nihilistic.

  2. Hiiii Somik! Kemun accho? I haven’t read Mishima yet. But since I am very interested in Japanese literature, I will try and get hold of as many Japanese books (in translation of course) as possible. Thanks!

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