About a story I once wrote

I once wrote a story for kids. Then, I forgot about it. A friend reminded me of it and so I submitted it to the Hindu for their Young World section. It was published (hold your breath) after a whole year!!! A friend’s mom called me up early one Saturday morning, when I had nearly forgotten about the story’s existence let alone the fact that I had submitted it to a paper, to tell me that my story was in the paper. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I checked, and yeah it was there all right! I guess the paper gets many submissions and they were all stashed away somewhere….And then the cheque came home.

It was quite a high to see my name in print. I haven’t written for children that often. I want to be able to do so though. The story that I sent was long. So it was edited to fit into the column space in the paper. And I didn’t like the editing though. You can read my story if you want to.


2 thoughts on “About a story I once wrote

  1. I sent the first prose work that I wrote I can’t call it a story as it is a real life incident to Womans era and was quite annoyed at not receiving any kind of response from them. So ur experience here kinda pacifies me. Thanx…..BTW, that story is posted on my blog “Typical Tamil Folk”. Read thru if interested…

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