Metafictional comics

Metafiction is fiction that is aware of its status as fiction. So stories or novels will make obvious references to the fact that it is nothing but a madeup story in someone’s imagination. I have read metafictional plays, short stories (written them also), as well as novels. But this is the first time I have come across a metafictional comic strip. It does not announce from rooftops, “I’m a metafictional comic; come check me out!” It’s a subtle touch but I’m glad that some people are using literary devices (maybe) without being aware of obviously using them. I have to say I am impressed. Of course thanks again Paromita for pointing it out to me. It’s always interesting to know how the creator handles the elements of metafiction within a format that does not allow for much experimentation.

PS: The image used here is representative only.


2 thoughts on “Metafictional comics

  1. What exactly is metafiction? The concept just whizzed over my head. Rn’t all works of fiction metafiction? When u say it is fiction that is aware of its being a fiction, r u referring to the writer? Just got hooked by the term…..

  2. Metafiction is when the work of fiction keeps referring to its own status as fiction. For example: in a story, if the characters are aware that they are just characters in a story then that is metafiction. Thanks for dropping by.

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