Post-careerist: the soul café at the last stop on the route to the end of the universe

That’s what “Post-careerist” sounds to me.

I belong to a YAHOO! group called the post-careerists. I started susbcribing to it because I agree with its basic philosophy. (For some reason, the site is down. When it gets up and going, I’ll be the first one to post it here.) Post-careerists believe in putting life before work. Our work (8 hours a day/40 hours a week) is productive but does not define what our life is. I think this is important because in this world of fast paced living we tend to forget that.

This is what the Post-careerist site says:

The Post-Careerist ( is dedicated to the idea that when the deals are done and the show is over, what we’ll value most about our lives is the richness of our experiences, not the riches we’ve acquired. The Post-Careerist is about making your life, especially your work life, exactly the way you want it. It’s about liberating “work” from its inevitable assocation with “job” or “career”. It’s about arranging your work around your life, instead of the other way around. The Post-Careerist isn’t just about work, though. “Post-Careerist” is a way of life. It means living intensely, deliberately. It means taking time to smell the roses, but also working to carve out a life that precisely fits your tastes and your values. It’s about approaching living as an art form. The Post-Careerist will provide guidance, tools, resources, and inspiration to help people find satisfaction, to work and live deliberatelyand purposefully – in the words of Henry David Thoreau, to “live deep andsuck all the marrow from life.”

Sometime back I had to take a decision. And making a decision is a very difficult task for me. Just weighing the pros and cons is tiresome. And there are no more absolutes. No blacks or whites. Just greys to confuse us simple people. And on the day, I read some stuff that reinforced my decision or rather pointed me in the right direction. Talk about finding signs in the world around us! I always say the universe speaks to you. We only have to listen. This is what the universe said to me that day:

Universespeak alpha:
You can’t do anything about the length of your life, but you can do something about its width and depth. -H.L. Mencken, writer, editor, and critic (1880-1956)

Universespeak beta:
Vocations which we wanted to pursue, but didn’t, bleed, like colors, on the
whole of our existence. -Honore de Balzac, novelist (1799-1850)

Universespeak ultima:
I see myself at exactly the point you are describing about 5-10 years ago. I believe it takes courage to make the changes that can “open life up”. I think there are those who come by this courage naturally, or maybe have an unconventional career, and there are those of us who make changes only when we are forced to. The “call” that can be the impetus to change is diverse and many, but once it starts it does not let up. I believe the process of opening to life continues to develop as we progress through our stages of life, one choice at a time. The incentive may be health, relationship, money, empty nest, boredom, unhappiness, ennui… Don’t worry about not finding it in yourself to make the changes that could open life up. IT will find you. -Joan Allen


12 thoughts on “Post-careerist: the soul café at the last stop on the route to the end of the universe

  1. Yes, dats true. Most often people compromise thier deepest desires and sadly, never realise it. Given our materialistic aspirations, which is only human, you cannot blame people for going astray. However, some of us have the power to change our course of destiny, and dats what I think Post carriest is all about. Life is what you make it, if you want to, you can make it nice, irrespective of how other factors play themselves out. It requires tremendous courage and conviction that we are a talented lot and in our unique way have sumthing to contribute to the world and to the upliftment of our own souls.


  2. afj,

    Don’t worry about not finding it in yourself to make the changes that could open life up. IT will find you. -Joan Allen

    This line is really refreshing to read 🙂

    If ‘destiny’ is going to catch us anyway, why should we search for ‘destiny’? (guess, this is a take on an earlier post by you on destiny)..

  3. Hi Sanchanpanzo, what I found great about this quote was that the onus was not on me to find my destiny.. I guess some people might call it not so pro-active but then there are two sides to the same coin, what say?

  4. AFJ,

    One of my wildest dreams is to do a ‘Ph D’ in some topic like History or in political science or in current affairs, but I think I will never have the courage to do it, due to a variety of reasons like career etc.,. But what say, as you say.. ‘hope floats’.

    Maybe, that’s why in the corner of my mind, I still really adore the topic of ‘destiny’, but practically speaking I know that place is way-too far off!

  5. Hi Sancha, I seriously don’t think you should give up your dream. But do your Ph.D on a topic that you like. We all know that demon called “Pragmatism” sits on our head as usual, but you can try and wrench free. Now more than ever, I find people more and more finding things that they want to do and earning a decent living from it. So please don’t give up on your dream. It’s like giving up on your self.

  6. Go by your instinct it will never let you down. You must remember that your instinct will ask you to make courageous choices/decisions. I believe we become what we are by the choices we make.

  7. Thanks a lot, I think you are right, there is no way I can reject my dream. It stays in my head whether I want or dont want!

    It is just that sometimes I reject such dreams in the budding stage itself, maybe afraid to do something I believe and I instinctively follow the herd.

    But, my dreams is always there

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