My shot at short short fiction

Is stuff in the blogosphere catchy? It sure looks like it when it comes to writing your own short shorts. Amardeep Singh said that Sepia Mutiny started it. To be entirely honest, I have toyed with the idea of microfiction/short fiction/short short fiction/flash fiction about a year and a half before. I wrote them and then forgot about them. At that time, I was more interested in other things and I didn’t have a blog. Anyways, I have caught the short short bug, so here is my dart at it:

A 49-day affair
One day you say you can’t live without me, the next day you dissapear. I’m left with memories of a guitar exchanged for ring, some soppy messages, no goodbyes, and the slightly salty taste of grief pouring from my soul at dawn. I want to ask: What happened to my stepson? Did he disappear too?


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