Old School Wisdom

Old School Wisdom #36
Bambaata: ‘It’s time to chase your dreams …’ Listen to Bam.

Old School Wisdom #33
Nas: ‘ Well you hate me, I’m gonna hate you too, it’s as simple as that …’ Quite

Old School Wisdom #32
House Of Pain: ‘I got more rhymes than the bible got psalms …’ More than 150, then. Not so many.

Old School Wisdom #30
De La: ‘She teased so many she was known as a garden tool …’ a fork?

Old School Wisdom #29
LL Cool J: ‘Some girl’s will like this jam and some girls won’t/ Cos I make a lot of money and their boyfriend don’t’. Indeed.

Old School Wisdom #28
Rakim: ‘You don’t have to speak, just seek …’

Source: Book Slam at Cherry Jam/Patrick Neat

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