Soapy terrain

Today, I saw the corniest soap of all times on TV. There were no other channels working but good ol’ DD1. And you know DD. Here’s snippet of a scene that I caught. Two women characters with silky straight hair, false eyelashes and outlined glossy lips were speaking. The only way I could differentiate them was from the fact that one of them was taller. I didn’t know till later that they were sisters on screen. The name of the soap is Maryada.

The soap was in Hindi. This is a translated version.

Nilakshi (Crying) Why? Why? Why did you do this to me? Tell me why!
Rimjhim (looking repentent) : I had my reason.
Nilakshi: But what could it be? What did I do to you, Rimjhim? Tell me!
Rimjhim: You… looked beautiful that day.. I was jealous.

At this point, I was shell-shocked! The script writers, I think, have taken a holiday.

Nilakshi: Jealous? Of what?
Rimjhim: That day…. in the party? Everybody was looking at you. You were the centre of attraction. Even my friends preferred to hang out with you. And jealousy raised its ugly head.

My brain fell asleep after this.

Nilakshi: But you are my sister! How could you?
Rimjhim: I am a woman before I am your sister. I too have wishes and desires like you, you know?

I wanted to do some serious damage to something by now. Yikes! Is this the fate of Indian TV? What has TV programming come too? Undoubtedly, there are some good serials like Siddhanth (which will soon go the soapy route but it started out as a legal eagle serial), Hotel Kingston (refreshing story, refreshing facses, refreshing name, sleek presentation, believable characters), Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai (a laugh a riot, Ratna Pathak is simply amazing, minimum characters, punny dialogue but some episodes lack a punch) but all in all, the K serials have clout (or should I say “klout?”) that overshadows all other kinds of serials. Gone are the days when people wanted to experiment. Remember Karamchand or Hum Paanch? (Ironically, Balaji Telefilms made Hum Paanch.)

I wonder when can we come up with something creative and original that is not a quiz, a game show, a saas-bahu serial or a soppy love story. Can we come up with something like M*A*S*H, ER, or Alo! Alo! ?

I’m waiting for that day.

Please note: The first image is of Nausheen Ali Sardar. She is not in any of the serials mentioned.


7 thoughts on “Soapy terrain

  1. AFJ,
    “Siddhanth (which will soon the soapy route but it started out as a legal eagle serial)”. Hey, I know what you mean and I hate it. I like to watch Siddhanth 😦

  2. Mruuuuuu:)))))))hahahhaa….

    The tele-scene is pathetic. Infact the Hindi drama is tolerable. If your ever trip on these Tamil soaps,(pls don’t)you may have to kill yourself or maybe, harm the individual seated next to u!!!

    No more MASH, only SMASH!


  3. If you think DD script writers have taken a holiday wait till you see the KK serials on star plus. One woman gets married husband dies in accident, she falls in love with someone else gets married or on the verge of getting married…enter husband 1. Woman goes back to husband one, then husband one truly dies and she gets married to someone else, husband two meets with an accident (family thinks he is dead). she falls in love with new hunky stranger who is actually husband 2 (plastic surgery) but alas memory loss…only villan knows secret..

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