Half an inch of poetry

Most of us lead such hectic lives that poetry comes so way below our list of priorities: somewhere between our dead dreams and disposable wishes, I guess. Whenever I read a poem I like, I can literally feel my soul soar above in the skies and breathe free. I leave the pollution and worries of everyday existence when I encounter a tiny poem. I feel free.

We don’t make time for poetry. And it is our loss. Reading and writing poetry is such a joy! Yesterday, I gifted myself a book of poems. It’s a tiny one called The State of Poetry by Roger McGough. I haven’t finished reading it yet, and I’m not even busy! I wanted to carry it to office so that I could finish it. It had to be stashed between Haroun and the Sea of Stories by Salman Rushdie (which I promised to give a friend to read) and some chiffon salwar-kurta material (which I have to give for stitching sometime today). It did not take up any space at all! Maybe half an inch. Most of us don’t make time and space for that half an inch of poetry.

If only we did.


4 thoughts on “Half an inch of poetry

  1. AFJ,
    “Most of us don’t make time and space for that half an inch of poetry.” – so rightly said!
    I did find time for it though :D. I posted 4 poems from that book of yours and postponed something that I wanted to post today, for a later date 🙂
    That book is a great buy, I must say!! 🙂

  2. Poetry is the lifeblood of our soul. I will say something at the cost of sounding too impertinent:) Suggest Riner Maria Rilke and Auden occupy prominent and accessible positions on your bookshelf. The former has not got the recognition he dererves and the latter is simply brilliant to ignore. Also don’t forget Emily Dickinson, Donne, Eliot, Plath…I could go on and on but won’t:)

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