I have been tagged!

AquaM has done it again! Managed to get me involved in something that I thoroughly enjoy – making lists and forgetting them! Any idea if I can tag her back?

Seven things that I plan to do:

  1. Learn horseriding, swimming, paragliding etc
  2. Have a library of my own
  3. Travel around the world
  4. Write books
  5. Make my millions ethically
  6. Live in an eco-friendly house
  7. Make my living doing something I like

Seven things that I can do:

  1. Make a good omlette
  2. Write a review
  3. Chance upon good poetry
  4. Answer an SMS almost as soon as I get it
  5. Worry
  6. Get gifts for others
  7. Mix my drinks and be okay

Seven things I can’t:

  1. Shed extra weight
  2. Grow my hair long
  3. Keep my lipstick on all day (No hidden meanings in this!)
  4. Get enough of books
  5. Calculate and get the right result
  6. Give up hairdryers
  7. Say no firmly

Seven things I say most often:

  1. Yikes!
  2. Ewww!
  3. Nah re!
  4. Uuuuf!
  5. Hmmm?
  6. Hmmm…
  7. Yeah!

Seven people I want to tag:

  1. Somik Raha
  2. aristera
  3. Vrinda
  4. Zena
  5. Flying High
  6. The Shah of Blah
  7. Poornima

8 thoughts on “I have been tagged!

  1. hey…tx. glad to know u had fun doing this list. Btw, can u whip up some good lip-smacking veggie dish…me eat no eggs….


  2. Hey AFM,
    I am done with my list. But I have a problem…I dont have anyone to tag since all you guys have already been tagged. Now I have to break my head over that too.

  3. Hi guys,

    AquaM: I will definetly whip up something for you!

    Zee: I hope the confusion’s cleared!

    Poornima: You have been tagged! Yupp, now you have to carry forward the 7 things baton!

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