Quiz buffs ahoy! II

This is the next installment of the quiz questions.

  1. According to a series of Hollywood films, which character’s father is a reclusive archeologist called Dr. Henry Jones?
  2. In the days of the Raj, what was popularly called the “curry biscuit”?
  3. What office did Pope Gregory institute in 1231 for the apprehension and trial of heretics?
  4. Under what title did Edmund Dantes take revenge on his enemies?
  5. In the Mahabharat, who is the only sister of the Kauravas?
  6. What in Japan is “Cha-no-yu”?
  7. Who created the characters of “Goopy” and “Bagha” used in Satyajit Ray’s films?
  8. Created by a Russian immigrant Morris Michton in 1903, what toy was named after a sitting American President?
  9. What is Italian for “pie”?
  10. What item of stationery did Hungary’s Lazlo Biro invent?


  1. Indiana Jones
  2. Papad
  3. The inquisition
  4. The Count of Monte Cristo
  5. Dusshala
  6. Japanese Tea Ceremony (The phrase means “hot water for tea.”)
  7. His grandfather, Upendrakishore Raichoudhuri
  8. Teddy bears
  9. Pizza
  10. The ball point pen.(The French still call it “le biro” literally “the biro.”)

6 thoughts on “Quiz buffs ahoy! II

  1. Hey,

    AquaM: I saw you sitting right in front of me almost about to jump off because you were so enthusiastic! Thanks for making it to the quiz!

    Mrudula: You are the quiz master here! I didn’t get that many right when I did it the first time!

    Rita: Arre! Don’t worry…next quiz…:)

  2. I could manage only 5. Mrudula – u’r great!

    AFJ: This blog is very informative..I like quizzing too (but mostly business quizes)..
    Keep posting more quizes!

  3. Hi Naveen, I would say 5 is a good score. Sure, I will post some more quizzes! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Hope to see you again!

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