Surreal sunday afternoon dreams

I usually don’t remember my dreams but when I do they are very vivid and very puzzling. Like the one I had this Sunday afternoon. In my dream, there’s a new government rule that all houses must have a wire fence. Even if the house already has a wall, it should add a fence. So, while I’m hanging out with a friend of mine, I spot an old College professor making her way over to me. I recognize her with a pang of guilt that I haven’t kept in touch with her. I wait for her to come over so that I can ask how she is and what she is doing etc. But she walks up to me, sternfaced and asks, “Have you applied for a fence yet?” I reply, “No, we have a wall.” The question remains unchanged, “Have you applied for a fence yet?” she asks again.

I don’t remember anything after this.


13 thoughts on “Surreal sunday afternoon dreams

  1. I have dreamt some craziest of dreams. Thought of writing a post about them, but then it would require some serious censoring.

  2. Rita, AquaM: No re, no dream analysis for my dreams. Once I got so obsessed with dream analysis that I couldn’t get away from analysing every silly thing!

    Sylvia: I;m so happy to see you here. I will link you soon! The old College professor was Mridula Jose! Weird hah?

    Sanchapanzo: But some dreams of mine were not fun!

    Naveen: Hi! Yup!! That’s true!

    Keyser Soze: I don’t remember my dreams too! But this is one of those odd ones that I did!

    My veilings: I agree with you. It does mean something. But what???

    Rohit Talwar: You are lucky to have funny dreams! Most of my dreams are plain weird!

    Soumyadip: you know, I probably wouldn’t mind reading the uncensored version! You could mail it to me! (We will spare the others any embarrassment, what say?) 😉

  3. I don’t remember most of my dreams. But some dreams have given me an answer or a lead to a problem. But that doesn’t happen too often.

  4. Fence?
    You are lucky that way. It was a lil bizzare but not scary.
    I usually end up with nightmares and the worst is I remember them so once I wake up can’t get back to sleep. I had one with people coming out of the walls dressed in black with painted masks and I am looking at them from the bottom of a well. there is a chariot going round and round over the well. And these ppl slowly and steadily turn ugly. Really wierd na? Least to say I got up screaming and scared my roomie in the process.

  5. Yeah, I have had nightmares too. But nothing this dramatic! Mine are quietly scary..about real life things…. I don’t think I want to talk about them.

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