Cell phone culture

While most of the articles avalable on the Internet are pop-ish and nothing to write home about, here are some that looks serious enough to be taken seriously. These papers were presented at the MIT Communications Forum.

Cell phone culture

Is popular culture good for you?

The future of digital commons

Spinners and bloggers: political communications in the digital age

7 thoughts on “Cell phone culture

  1. Can’t comment on cell phone culture since I don’t own one. Same goes for popular culture since I neither have the time nor the inclination to watch television.
    The future of digital commons: We must have stringent anti-piracy laws. The rate at which music and films (books to a small extent) are pirated in our country there won’t be any industry left to churn out music. While spin doctors are weavers par excellance Bloggers are still at a nascent stage here.

  2. I agree with anti-piracy laws. But If some artists want to distribute their work free online then I think they should be allowed to do so.

  3. Though I have a cell phone, I find it a hindrance sumtimes. And now, because it is cheap and accessible to all classes of society, there has been a high rate of misuuse than using it for its intended purpose.
    ABout popluar culture, some programmes are interesting, but now, channels are willing to rope in a lot of sleaze and n u have more than willing chicks who will go thru with it. Disgusting


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