Dances of the Yaks

In an earlier time, when Tibet was an independent country, Tibetans used to visit Calcutta the port city which was the only gateway for Tibet the land locked country. Tibetan trade office was based in in the hill station Kalimpong. Young Tibetans came to Calcutta in the quest of modern education; they studied in St Xavier’s college and Shanti Niketan and then returned to their home in the mountains.

Tibetans used to come to India on pilgrimages to Bodh Gaya and Banares. Indians used to go for parikrama around the holy mount Kailash and receive darshan of the Manasarover. Much trade happened on the width and stretch of the Himalayas.

Ever since the Chinese occupation of Tibet from 1949, that peace was disturbed. Now the Tibetans are suppressed and persecuted for insisting on their culture. Millions of Chinese have settled in Tibet making Tibetans a minority in their own country, threatening the very existence of Tibetans as a people and culture. In exile, the Tibetans have found a second home in India. Here the Tibetans dream of a free Tibet. A dream which is nurtured and now growing with every new generation of Tibetans. Tibetans in India have a chance to preserve their traditonal culture at the same time learning new things from the new world.

Ganjong Doeghar, a Tibetian cultural initiative, is one such effort by exiled Tibetans to preserve their culture, which is being systematically destroyed in Tibet at the hands of People’s Republic of China.

Friends of Tibet (India) brings yaks, snow-lions, the Tibetan gypsies and a host of other Tibetan dancers and singers to Kolkata for an evening. The Tibetan programme includes Dances of the Yaks. The programme will begin with a heart wrenching film Escape from Tibet which tells the story of two brothers escaping their homeland and surviving in a daunting situation.

The evening will witness Gangjong Doeghar Dance troupe from Kalimpong descend down to Kolkata and do their usual magic by winning the hearts of the audience with their dance and music. Do come and bring along your family and friends, or just inform those who can come for the Tibetan evening.

Sunday 5pm 27 November 2005
Sujata Sadan, Near Jatin Das par Metro Station 7 Hazra Road Kolkota-26
Contact details: Mobile:(0) 9831017148
Email: /

Source: Friends of Tibet newsletter


7 thoughts on “Dances of the Yaks

  1. Tsundue and others were at S____ M____ college last year to increase awareness about their group activities. I was teaching there at the time. We staged a production on Displacement, with sections on various South Asian countries. Tibetan students from the college were asked to participate in the section on Tibet. I was a little uncomfortable about this. For the rest of the kids it was just acting, but for these kids it was reality. Their stage movements were choregraphed around one of Tsundue’s poems. At the end of their routine I went backstage, and they were all sobbing… I hated myself then for being part of that production. Later that year, we also did a reading from the screenplay of Seven Years in Tibet. Do watch the movie, anyone who is interested in Tibet’s struggle for autonomy. And I believe, as I think everyone should, that Tibet is independent. It’s just that every government in the world denies it.

  2. Mru: thanks! The more people know about it the better.

    DS: I agree with you. Tibet should be recognised as an independent country. I wonder what the UN stand is on this?

  3. hey fame!
    ur a friends of tibet member too?!
    brilliant! tenzin’s out on a long trip this time spreading the tibetan word…
    …we’ve managed to have quite a few talks by him in colleges in delhi…now hoping to cut a short documentary…hope it works out.

    the issue is more complex than it looks… about getting fellow bloggers involved in it at some level????

  4. Sushmit: Yeah, I’m a friends of tibet member. Tenzin is doing some good work- I agree.

    Anything that involves cultures is complex.

    Is getting other bloggers possible? Most people blog for fun.

  5. i dont know if this will interest you…but a bunch of friends and i plan to cut a short documentary on tibet sometime in may/ june…itz a while away.
    however, do you want to be involved at some level with the scripting or something?
    its a documentary that basically is meant to be an eye-opener for people in india…telling them about the tibet issue….

  6. Heyy Sushmit, you gave me a surprise! Yeah, I would like to be a part of the Tibet documentary. But I’m in Chennai. I wonder how the logistics will be worked out.

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