8 thoughts on “Family Court by Ogden Nash

  1. Perfect! I was watching a movie named ‘Taking Lives’ last night in which a man turns psychotic and starts killing people. The main reason being his mom hating him..

  2. Interesting in its simplicity!:D

    Sometimes it could really be a question on who to really trust or who to not trust. We just don’t know who is gonna turn monster on us .:)

    A family member may seem safe at times only to find them dissapointing us.It would be a heart break too much if the closest kin is found dangerous enough to harm us instead of protecting,supporting and loving us. Though not all are found caught in this type of life some are just trap with tears to dry.:)

  3. Naveen: yes, if we look around we can always spot patterns. I always see reflections of one thing in another.

    Arun T: I left my URL at your blog. Thanks for dropping by!

    Abaniko: Absolutely! I always say we see the world through our eyes and then through the eyes of our family. I agree with you about being careful when dealing with people. Any kind of people.

    Jewel: Hi! I totally agree! It’s a difficult decision about whom to trust.

  4. Don’t agree with that. My kith and kin are absolutely crazy. We are so mad that we tolerate each other otherwise we run the risk of outdoing each other in a loonybin. Distance keeps us mad hatters from getting at each other and when we do meet at the family reunion once a year we blithly appreciate our genius and look at our eccentricities with indulgence.

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