Natural history passage # 22

The miraculous strangeness of the artic is heightened when the sun shines from due South at noon, then circles around to shine from due North at midnight. There is no frost or dew, no moon or stars – there is just immense space made out of sea, rock, ice and snow. Without familiar objects like trees or buildings for comparison, it is impossible to judge distance or size. A huge iceberg looks like a speck, a tremendous cliff looks easy to climb, a roaring torrent cutting a canyon looks like a silver thread, a pile of boulders with rocks up to ten feet in diameter looks like an ordinary sand dune. Islands and mountains shrink; they seem almost as small as those on a map. The space of the artic is continous with the space of the sky. This is the greatest untouched wilderness of nature on the face of the earth.

[This passage is taken from Walt Disney’s Worlds of Nature. Various authors. Golden Press. New York. 1965.]


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