Vintage comics

I have been watching TV since the time Doordarshan was the only channel around. Amongst cartoons/comics, the only series available that I read was was Chacha Choudhary and Sabu series, who were perpetually defeating their arch anemy Raaka. And of course, their dog Rocket. [My cousins have even read them in Hindi!] I know he is still around because I saw some of them at the railway station the other day.

Today, when everything including comics and cartoons have a polythene sheen to them , these comics stand out with their ruggedness. I like the pre-globalization non-chic look. There was a certain innocence that I associate with that time. Finishing those comics did not take any time and I would forget about them once I finished reading them. No obsession to collect them haunted me. And mom used to regularly give all the ‘used’ comics to the raddiwala.

It was fun to read them then but I didn’t collect them. I regret doing that because a few years later when satellite TV came into India in the early 90s almost everyone shifted their loyalties to the flying man in blue tights. I wish I had collected the series as we used to collect the Superman series. I don’t know of anyone who does it anymore. Today, I know that they have emotional as well as heritage value.

Diamond comics did us a great service to bring us those Indian superheroes. Sandwiched between Enid Blyton and Fairy Tales, I found my love for comics. Today, I read almost all kinds of comics – from Tinkle to Tintin to The Crow– but looking back, I know that’s where it all started.

PS: Today, I plan to stop at the neighbourhood chai-newspaper ka dukaan and ask for an Indian comic.


12 thoughts on “Vintage comics

  1. I remember Indrajaal Comics had a series on Bahadur. I forget the first part of his name. I’ve got htem stached away somewhere. I just have to find time to look for them.

  2. Inspector Vikram,Maayavi,Shikhari shambhu…kaalia..kapish….

    Memories of all these came into my mind on reading your post.I had forgotten all about them..but never realized that they are still there firmly imprinted in my mind..

    Stories with innocent action and happy endings..where the hero always wins and the villian never dies….



  3. I agree with u on the charm of the pre-globalisation old chic look. I loved to read Bahadur, Phantom, Suppandi and many more.
    Today the emphasis seems to be on the jazzy finish that overshadows that vintage charm. They have become very expensive and the least enyjoyable to read.
    Sadly, I never had a collection.

  4. hey no1 here read Billoo? that and Chacha choudhri used to be our main comics – the ones me n my brother would run to buy at station bookstalls, and fight to read first.

  5. I remember reading Chacha Choudhri when I was little.Favourite was Tinkle and I still buy them when I am travelling. 🙂
    I actually have quite a stack of tinkle comics, since we used to subscribe for it. I have those thin paper cover comics and the digest ones. Thanks for reminding;next trip home I am gonna get them out. 🙂

  6. Even as a kid I never rated Pran’s characters highly. The best of Indian comics came not from Diamond Comics but from Indrajal. Remember Bahadur? I’ll have a post on a landmark in Indian comics in a few days.

  7. Wow, your post reminded me of my childhood days with Tinkle and Amar Chitra Katha. And also the horrendously translated English versions of Chacha Chaudhry! :O

  8. Kannan: That’s what I was thinking when I wrote this post – my childhood.

    AquaM: Soul sister! I know what you mean!

    Vee: I’m sorry I don’t remember Billoo! Maybe I will once I see the pic!

    Zee: Yeah! Get them and get me some too! 😉

    Rita: Yeah! So you told me!

    Soumyadip: Yeah, I do remember Bahadur and Bela. I read your post! Good one!

    Sayesha: Were they translations? They sounded like true-blue Indian English! Thanks for dropping by my blog! Hope you see you again!

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