What is fun?

It’s been raining for quite a while, so in a mad rush to get out of the house and spend some time outside it for a change, I ended up watching a Tamizh movie called Majaa. Aparently, it means fun (just like mazaa in hindi). In a terrible mix-up with tickets and timings, and the rain adding its two penny worth of trouble, I missed one hour of the movie. As I entered the movie theatre, a fight sequence was on! Imagine! I thought that was the fight in the climax! But I had a good time watching it because most of the time people were yelling at each other and the rest of the time, they were singing! Vikram’s colour-coordinated outfits were uber cool! I mean red dhotis and red and white printed shirts are so cooool! Hats off to anyone who can carry them off! Asin was a tad out of place in the movie. She looked like she was angry at having been cast there! Her past times including defending the hero from angry mobs, casting fake affectionate glaces at him and screaming about lost diamond necklaces after a powercut! Seriously, the script seems to have been written by a guy who was sleep-walking. The dream sequences were as good as the Hindi movie complete with foreign locales et all. Thank god! They left out the gori girls! And in the climax the hero and the hero’s brother threw their father into the air like human trampolines to bring him back to his senses. What drama! What fun!


7 thoughts on “What is fun?

  1. Nice writeup on comics in your previous post.
    “And in the climax the hero and the hero’s brother threw their father into the air like human trampolines to bring him back to his senses. ” I am still laughing about it..visualizing the whole scene .. not from a comedy standpoint but simply for the kind of things cinema provides a canvas for

  2. Actually AFJ, this movie was better than the lot that were released for this Diwali. Atleast it had some good comedy. You must have seen ‘Sivakasi’, man..it was yuck, I couldnt stand even the first half. Good God, I wasnt watching it in a theatre, I was able to switch off my comp and run away for shelter 🙂

  3. Rita: I know why you are saying this. So I won’t insist!

    The Comic project: Thanks and also thanks for dropping by! Hope to see you again!

    Naveen: Really? Suddenly, I feel lucky! Thanks!

    Mru: I agree!

    Zee: Thanks!

    AquaM: Nope, I haven’t seen “Samy.”

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