My latest passions

There is a little-known bookshop – Aries Books it is called – in the gullies of Mylapore (in Chennai) where AquaM and Mrudula took me yesterday. They have three floors of books! What really gave me the kicks was that they have all hardback books for dirt cheap prices and books on theory that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Mru helped me pick up a book for a friend of ours who was leaving town. The irony of the matter is that I had a card but no money and AquaM had money and a card but it wouldn’t work and Mrudula had no card or money. In short, though Mru and I picked up a book each, we had no money to buy them! The owner was magnanimous enough to say that we can pay later. But we didn’t choose that option. Anyway, the walk was really good. A solid 1 and half hours of walking did me good.

Among my other passions, I have just discovered that I wouldn’t mind being a book artist. There is this site which tells how.


9 thoughts on “My latest passions

  1. Dont forget this incident..tomorrow if you happen to be a popular Book Artist (I seriously dont understand what this means!) and if a TV interviews you, you can tell them that your passion started off in a book store located in a dirty Mylapore gully when you had no money to buy a book:)

  2. Mrudula: It’s quite easy for people who are into crafts. So check out that link.

    Naveen : Thanks! Will remember it. But the book artist thing was triggered off by the an article I saw in the paper and not the Mylapore gullies ka trip. 🙂

  3. Your post reminds me of a quote by Erasmus:

    “When I have money I buy books.
    If anything is left over, I buy food and clothing.”

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