A poet that I have discovered recently

Here’s Mimi Khalvati, a British-Iranian author who has captured my imagination right now.


I have landed
as if on the wing
of a small plane.

It is a song I have
landed on that barely
feels my weight.

Sky is thick with wishes.
Regrets fall down
like rain.

Visit me.
I am always in
even when the place

looks empty,
even though the locks
are changed.


Loads of thanks to Amardeep Singh for drawing attention to this talented poet.


10 thoughts on “A poet that I have discovered recently

  1. The last stanza was particularly very good! Guess, I should improve my knowledge on poetry and contemporary poets to comprehend your posts 🙂

  2. Rohit: Thanks! Yup, you are the first person to comment on this post!

    Naveen: Knowledge about contemporary poetry is not so important as a feel for them. 🙂

    Kannan: Thanks for linking me!

    Rita: Google is the bst resources always!

  3. Really liked it…
    Synonym of “simplicity” and “complexity” at the same time…

    “thumbs up” for the discoverer…

  4. Aklanta, Asuph: I’m glad you liked it!

    Asuph: Yup, corrected the typo. It’s ‘Khalvati’ not ‘Khavati’ as previously mentioned. Thanks for pointing it out.

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