Books! Books! Books!

I think I have taken some quotes way too seriously. Like the one that Abaniko brought to my notice today.

When I have money I buy books. If anything is left over, I buy food and clothing.

Why? Because today my book shelf will groan and protest since three hardcover books will be added to he already existing books.

  • Patrick Süskind’s Mr.Summer’s Story with illustrations by Sempé. The blurb says:

In an althogether unexpected change of pace from the evil flamboyance of his phenomenal Perfume and the Kafkaesque paranoia of The Pigeon, the brilliant German writer Patrick Süskind joins forces with Sempé, the illustrator of New Yorker magazine fame, to bring us a haunting and deceptively simple tale of childhood, innocence lost, and memory as seen in flashback through the eyes of a man now middle aged.

Mr. Summer’s Story is, in fact, the story of the child whose path he crosses only fleetingly but whose life – otherwise ordinary in every way – is forever changed by those few moments in time. At the story’s conclusion, the enigmatic Mr. Summer, who wanders silently through the countryside and who is heard to utter but one sentence in the entire novel, appears to us as a man both noble and tragic, whose ultimate disappearance remains a mystery – and a secret – to all but the little boy he unknowingly touched long ago.

A timeless and universal fable for children and adults alike.

  • The Very Persistent Gappers of Frip by George Sanders and illustrated by Lane Smith

The seaside town of Frip is plagued by gappers — bright orange, burr-shaped, many-eyed creatures. Well, at least the goats are. When she gets the cold shoulder from all the neighbors, plucky heroine Capable must cope with her gapper invasion single-handedly, and she does so with her own special brand of compassion and resourcefulness.

  • Patchwork, Quilting and Appliqué by Amelia Saint George

Best-selling author Amelia Saint George shows you how to make a range of decorative and innovative projects for the home using the traditional skills of patchwork, quilting and appliqué in an exciting, modern way.

2 thoughts on “Books! Books! Books!

  1. Can so relate to the quote of Erasmus that you’ve posted. Thanks. I recently rediscovered Just Williams btw, do try the series if you haven’t sampled it. Apparently, the books had such a cult status in England, that Princess Diana named her son William after the lovable rogue hero of the series. Have been recommending William to all book-lovers!

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