Impolite people, rude comments

Sooner or later it had to happen. The more time one spends on the Net especially the blogosphere, the more one gets to meet lots of different kinds of people. And someone somewhere doesn’t agree with what you say. Now, one or the other of the following things happen:

(1) The person gets cheeky and leaves a comment that can be read either way. A back-handed compliment is staring at you the next time you check your blog.

My reaction: I prefer to avoid the insult. Depending on my mood I will either give back tit for tat or just let it be.

(2) The person prefers to avoid the issue. The non-confrontationalist is at work here.

My reaction: Good. I don’t go looking for fights.

(3) The person leaves a polite but open comment that he/she does not agree with you. But one can make out from the tone that a discussion with an opposite point of view can be carried on. No harm done.

My reaction: Great! I’m all for people with different opinions. Just because I don’t agree with you mean that you are against me.

(4) The person gets all personal and consequently rude.

My reaction: This is exactly what I cannot stand. This is a person’s blog. We are still a democracy in cyberspace, so I have a right to say what I want to.

(5) The person “misreads” what you have posted and take their time to rant in MY comments section.

My reaction: Take your rant elsewhere, please. If you can’t read English with the requisite meanings that the rest of the world agree on, I suggest you stop visiting my site.

To my utter disgust #5 happened to me. To top it all, the person actually said I can delete the comment. Of course, I won’t delete the comment. The existence of the comment itself is proof of his or her rudeness not mine.

Note: I am really appalled by what happened to Abaniko. I wish more and more people would start to practice tolerance in their lives.


15 thoughts on “Impolite people, rude comments

  1. Yes, you are right. This had to happen sooner or later. We have to take such things in our stride. If you can fight back, do so or just IGNORE!

  2. Abhaniko, Aamir Khan and I are with you on this issue;)

    People who do not understand the language
    People who do not understand the language of Words

    ******** OFF

    (Better still, open a blog *MOrons Rule exclusively for ur community!)

  3. Arre why are you taking it so much to heart? He’s just a kid who’s extremely emotional about harry potter, and hence couldn’t read/understand your post properly and over-reacted! And anyways, you yourself admit that it had to happen sooner or later. Chin up ma’am, he’s not worth it 🙂

  4. The toughest battle rages within! I wish I could conquer my demons! 🙂

    Thanks for dropping in AFJ.

    And now I am curious. Was any such comment made on your blog too? Where? 🙂



  5. I’m with you!

    just today, someone who likes to call himself ‘crap’ left abusive comments on my blog. i wonder what they get out that! as a result.. had to turn comment moderation on..

    good post… continue your awesome blogwork…

  6. AFJ, dont bother about the comments. Blog is for writing whatever he/she feels like writing immaterial of what others think. There would be always conflicts of interests in any issue. So ignore such things and keep going!

  7. Another side of the story,

    I feel awkward when my comments pass through “moderation” and after filtration gets polarised to take the shape of blind approval and appreciation…

  8. damn, I’m all self conscious when I comment now… but yup, #4 and #5 are the worst…thankfully, for me, so far, so good…

  9. Rita: Sometimes it’s not so simple!

    AquaM: Strong words from a strong woman!

    Anurag: Heyy thanks! I hope what you say is true!

    Dan: I wish I could conquer my demons too! The comment you are looking for is on the post titled “Who will defend Harry Potter?”

    Rohit: Ah! A fellow sympathiser! Thanks so much! Thanks god! (Touchwood) It haven’t been brought to that yet.

    Naveen: I will try to ignore it!

    Vee: Ok, will try to ignore! Thanks!

    Aklanta: Yeah, I understand. But I think you will get over it!

    The Monk: Nah! Don’t worry, I wasn’t talking about you! You have no reason to be self-conscious.

    Zee: I totally agree! I wanted to mention your incident too but then forgot!

    Santre: Hi! Thanks for dropping by! And thanks for ze compliment! I hope to see you again!

  10. Often the most well-meaning of people can sound very rude. But that doesn’t imply that all rude people are well-meaning. When I was a newbie blogger, slight hints of criticism would pester me, but now with a few months of experience behind me I like to take them in my stride. If it makes sense I ponder over their points, else simply ignore.

    When I reread the comments I post on other blogs I identify myself as #5 type. Reading blogs in the workplace isn’t a good idea after all. Deadlines to meet and blogs to read – an unhealthy combination.

  11. Totally agree with you on this. I have faced the same, only the commenter chose to get personal and what he/she thought sarcastic. Some of these people dont even have the basic courtesy of leaving their names, choose to hide behind the anonymous label for their vindictive personal attacks. I reply a couple of times and then usually ignore…too silly to get into. You shopuld read soem of the horrible anonymous comments on greatbongs blog. Sickening.

  12. yeah, agree with u..
    i havent experienced this problem but the best thing i think is to ignorin them.. tat is the best way to tackle this problem..
    n also there is comment moderation which u can opt for..

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