A Mystery

People say, ‘What are you doing these days? What are you working on?’
I think for a moment or two.

The question interests me. What am I doing these days?
How odd that I haven’t a clue.

Right now, of course, I’m working on this poem,
With just a few more lines to go.

But tomorrow someone will ask me, ‘What are you up to these days? What are you working on?’
And still I won’t know.

Wendy Cope


11 thoughts on “A Mystery

  1. Why the sudden spurt in existential questions AFJ? First about people not understanding what you do, and now you yourself not knowing it(even though it is Wendy Cope’s poem) 🙂

  2. The million dollar question moush!I used to dread open house and I am missing it this friday since I am going home. 😀

  3. AquaM: Sorry, I didn’t capture anything other than the poem here. The poet Wendy Cope has done a good thing though.

    Sancha: Thanks!

    Anurag: I am an exsistentialist by nature. Maybe that’s why! 🙂 *You have given me an idea for a new post*

    Abaniko: Guilty as charged! If I don’t feel like writing then I post quotes or poems! 🙂 I will write soon!

    Naveen: That’s a start!

    Zee: Yeah! I do understand. I miss it too!

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