The Activist in Me

There is a part of me that thinks that this world needs to change. That’s where my activism comes in. Before any images of slogan-shouting hunger-strike making me comes into your mind, let me tell you that I am neither. I am so lazy that on Sundays, when I do have the time, I refuse to step out! So a blog where I can champion my causes from the comfort of my chair is perfect for me.

The Activist in Me is my way of contributing to the world.


6 thoughts on “The Activist in Me

  1. mmmm …..i agree the world needs change but each of us shoudl do our small bit neednot go about shouting slogans and all ….

    the help we can do to make somebody happy …..the good thoughts we have to practice and practise what we preach ….

    in the university i was a part of i was called as one of those unconcerned women who never activiley came up to help other women as a liberatiion front …..but my conscience tells me that i have done my bit and it has helped change things a little even an inch….

    cya and take care

    thought provoking thoughts in ur posts……

    merry christmas

  2. I was thinking about the same thing today..after i saw a comment in my blog that yesterday I had a light hearted post after days of heavy stuff,i was thinking maybe i should start a new blog..
    Waiting for more posts on your new blog:)

  3. Yeah even i feel the same, i wish i could do somehting to change this god damn pathetic world, but feel so powerless n ordinary that i end up just dreaming of those things

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