My blog year in review

Thanks to Abaniko, this is my blog year in review. The lines are the last sentence of the first entry of each month in 2005. There are two months where I haven’t posted anything.

January: no entry

February: Though you can count out the usual chirpiness that I’m associated with.

March: Hope she gets a slice of the sale she made.

April: There is nothing to cry over and everything to mourn for.

May: The two are also accompanied by Lalmohan Ganguly, an enthusiastic and cheerful companion who writes potboiler thrillers under the name of Jatayu.

June: In the meantime, read the book for the sheer joy of reading.

July: no entry

August: Good night, Daddy.

September: Has anyone read him or heard of him?

October: Only the innocent people are the ones who are caught in between.

November: It was quite a non-happening Pujo as my brother and mom weren’t here.

December: There is this site which tells how.


4 thoughts on “My blog year in review

  1. Sacrilege. How could you miss out??? Or maybe like SOumyadip said, your blogging relationship sometimes needs a boost or a spark.

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