Music for the soul

I am no connoisseur of Classical music but I am very touched by Hindustani classical music. I can’t say that music was all around me when I was growing up. My introduction to Hindustani classical music was through the rather beautiful and classical numbers from old Hindi films.

My first introduction was thanks to Shubha Mudgal, whose voice I find so mesmerising that there is not quite another voice like hers in this whole wide world. However, I didn’t find her Ab ke Saawan so great as her classical numbers. Though I did find of the slower more soulful numbers very appealing.

The next “classical” album I got was Sardari Begum. I remember this quizzical look Mom gave at me (and said, “You want this?”) when her teenage daughter settled for a semi classical album over all those Sunita Raos and jhatak mataks that the market offered to a teenager then. This I think was the mid 90s. Those were the days of the cassette players. There is still one rather old fashioned (it was rather hi-fi when we got it) one sitting looking very mournful at the lack of music it plays. Ever since CDs became accessible, I didn’t have to turn to my Phillips Powerhouse. However, the cassettes are still collecting dust. Back to what I was saying, Sardari Begum convinced me that Classical music has a soul that is denied to over music. I can’t critique classical music. That would be choti muh badi baat. But I can enjoy it to the fullest.

The reason I am writing about classical music is that I stumbled onto the music of the movie Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi and was pleasantly surprised by the mix of folk and classical numbers in the list. Maybe I will pick up the album. The Thumri is a sheer delight. I can keep listening to it again and again. I wish more and more movies would go back to the classical music base rather than the trash that they turn out now. I am listening to the music right now and it feels so soothing to the soul.


6 thoughts on “Music for the soul

  1. Shuba Mudgal is beauty and elegance personified. AN additional bonus is her table playing husband, quite a killer combination.
    Yes, the Tumri was beautiful. Reminded me of Abida Parveen. Her voice (sufi music) is unparalelled.

  2. If you thought Hazaaron’s music was good, pls do watch the movie! It’s brilliant- a must-watch for all us urban Indians! And if the Indian Govt has it’s way, you will never be able to watch it on TV, since it is rated ‘A’ and the new laws controlling our lives won’t allow channels to telecast the movie!

  3. Both Sardari Begum and Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi honour my music collection. Which has of late shrunk itself to fit into my hard-disk in an MP3 avatar. I hardly understand the nuances of classical music (the teacher in our school really had the ability to take the fun out of music), but nevertheless enjoy it.

  4. I remember going to attend a Shubha Mudgal evening.. it was wonderful. She’s one lady who has the power to keep you hooked to her voice. Simply God gifted.

    Sadari Begum.. yes! and the movie, was terrific.

    Hazaron.. again a very well made movie. the album is top notch! have you seen the flick?

    and.. my media player is playing morning raga soundtracks.. heard it? its really nice!

  5. AquaM: Remember the Abida Parveen CD you were supposed to give me?

    Obi Wan/Anurag: You are back! That’s good news! I do want to see the movie and now I will see it!

    Soumyadip: Me too! Don’t understand the dips and highs but yes appreciate it nevertheless. Do you know of any such website where I can download Hindusthani Classical music (not only instrumental)?

    Rohit: I agree with you on Sardari Begum and Hazaaron Kwaishe Aisi, but I did’nt like Morning Raaga so much. I am all for fusion but I think they have messed up the fusion bit.

  6. Both Sardari Begum and Hazaaron…are two of my favorite movies.
    I have the DVD’s of both but cannot get the sound tracks anywhere.
    Anyone willing to share their mp3s?

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