My blogging personality

My Bloginality is ENFP!!

As an ENFP, you are Extraverted, iNtuative, Feeling , Perceiving.This makes your primary focus on Extraverted Intuition with Introverted Feeling.

This is defined as a NF personality, which is part of Carl Jung’s Idealist (Identity Seeking) type, and more specifically the Champions or Inspirer.

As a weblogger, you may not be consistant in posts. Although, if you find a specific focus on their journal or a very flexible manner of writing, it may be more fufilling. Because you are warm and see so many posibilities in life, you may inspire others to follow in your footsteps with a journal.


4 thoughts on “My blogging personality

  1. Hey, like always, I’ll take the test and post the result. Of course, I am fairly certain that I will be labelled as a realist (if that is an option)! 😀

  2. Rita: I don’t think this test operates like the conventional ones. If I remember right, this test is based on a psychological test called the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator test or the MBTI. I took the test when I was 16 and I was an ENFP even then!

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