Crank calls

For the past two days I have been getting crank calls and messages. One was the “I-want-to-be-your-friend” type and the other was downright funny. The guy (I assume it was a guy because no girl ever gave me a crank call!) sounded like he was having a one-sided conversation with himself!

From: +919884100855

Me:…..(no answer)

From: +919884100855
The day was usual…I got back from my shore leave

Me:…..(no answer)

From: +919884100855
Didn’t ya find him feminine?

At this point, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. It was not all that funny with the other crank caller. I had to store his number as Crank Caller and threaten to call the police if he calls me one more. So he stuck to messaging! The creep!


7 thoughts on “Crank calls

  1. The funny crank caller looks like a cross-connection in which you were able to hear just one side of the conversation, since there was a logical flow to it if you read it carefully. Quite harmless from the looks of it! The other one of course is a creep, so doesn’t deserve any mercy.
    There was this one lady who’d never even seen me, had just spoken to me once on phone when my parents were visiting me in Bombay, since she was my dad’s patient. Next thing you know, she starts calling me up on my mobile at 4 in the morning (and messaging when I didn’t take the call), and hourly intervals after that! This continued till two days after I stopped taking her calls! You must be finding it funny, but trust me, ’tis very scary even for a guy! I had saved her no. as ‘Stalker’!!!

  2. AFJ, I think the funny caller made a butt call!
    And I knw the “I-want-to-be-your-friend” types too. Once this guy called me and said that he wanted to be my friend and his name was Ali. My friend suggested that I tell him that my name is Kali when he calls next! 😉

  3. (assume it was a guy because no girl ever gave me a crank call!) – Why so? Is there not a possibility that this person could be a female and assuming that you are a male, she is givin you crank calls? 🙂

    I know this is a remote possibility(and I might sound chauvinistic!) but I’m trying hard to save my senseless brethren :)) Jus for fun!!

  4. LOL sounds like a connection gone wrong. probably a cross connection..hahah but sure is weird receiving someone speaking to himself. wonder who would do that if its not abt connection going wrong. haha

  5. Lol! But if you need help in getting rid of the guy, I can help you there. I have a friend who helps me out with crank callers. 😀

  6. Oh Oh Oh!!!! I so totally forgot to mention that this was a message! I am so sorry, everyone!

    Anurag: Wooow! You had a very bad experience! I had my share of after-dark callers as well!

    Soumyadip: She is probably the one who made the call to Anurag! *cheeky grin*

    Rita: Nah re, this wasn’t a butt call. It was a series of messages! No such luck. I have tried that tact!

    Naveen: Yes, it is possible but it hasn’t happened to me. Cool! NP.

    Jewel Rays: Oh I wish it was a connection! I would have given him some choice words to think about! 🙂

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