Did Castro order Kennedy’s assasination?

According to Wilfried Huismann, he did. Lee Harvey Oswald was on Castro’s payroll. And JFK’s succesor knew about Castro’s involvement but because things were so politially volatile that any attempts to bring Castro to justice would result in a possible nuclear war which Lyndon B. Johnson did not want. I believe that in the wider interests of the world, this trail was not pursued to Cuba.

Read an interview with the German documentary filmmaker who has come up with this theory.

10 thoughts on “Did Castro order Kennedy’s assasination?

  1. Communists anywhere are a hindrance as well as head-ache; be it Nepal or Cuba. Sooner communism is eliminated from the world, better for world peace; prosperity and ever-lasting happiness for entire mankind

  2. U.S.- the superhero, and Cuba/Castro/communism the villain???Unfortunately, we have started looking at the world in black & white, with black being whatever America is against! Agreed, communism has no place in today’s world, but it was the need of the hour when it was introduced. Workers were being brutally exploited after the Industriual Revolution, and one class of people ruled over the vast majority (much like the evil zamindars in Hindi movies). It was only after communism caught the fancy of a sizeable section of the world populace that governments woke up to the fact that workers and farmers were humans too, and had rights like anyone else!
    Look at India. Without the effect of communism, leading to subsidized health and education services, how many of us would have been able to afford higher education, or get ourselves treated when we fell ill? Capitalism is great, but let’s give the devil his due!!!

  3. Just realized that my comment is almost totally unrelated to the original post 🙂 My apologies, I was just responding to the first comment, and got a bit carried away!!!

  4. Well this is news to me..I had heard a different story altogether, and I believe it..I guess the hit on JFK was ordered by Sam ‘ Momo’ Giancana, the famous gangster who even ordered the elimination of Marilyn Monroe.JFK and his brother Robert Kennedy had been elected to high offices as a result of Giancana’s help in several situations. When they betrayed him, Sam was mad and ordered the hit on the youngest, most exciting president of the USA.That’s what I read about JFK’s assasination..I never knew that Castro was involved!!

  5. Anandkumar.V: I beg to differ.

    Soaumyadip: Am putting up a post as a reaction to what you have asked.

    Obi Wan: Your reaction is perfectly warrentied. So I am putting up a post just to clarify my stand.

    Obi Wan again: I understand that your reaction is related. So no sweat!

    The Monk: You are so right!!

    Sudarshan: That was the theory that was curculated to remove suspicion from Castro.

    Rohit: You are most welcome!

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