I had to post this: an article in the New Yorker on Philip Pullman.


11 thoughts on “Pullman

  1. Thx for putting this piece up. Pullman is simply extraordinary. I would love to invite him to India where education is stereotyped and generally confined to the realms of science and medicine. I feel it robs children of their inherent talent: creativity.

  2. I never knew tho Pullman was..now I do,thanks to you!!He seems outstanding!! Thanks for increasing my GK..maybe it’ll help me in the future quizzes I’m gonna participate in!!Like aquamarine says, such people are needed in india..thousands of them!!

  3. Great article – thanks for the link! I dislike Pullman intensely, but I still enjoy reading about him (one must understand the enem to fight him :))

  4. Sudharshan: To know Pullman, you could start by reading “His Dark Materials trilogy.” 🙂

    The Monk: You are welcome!

    Rita: Sure!

    Sudarshan: I’m back!

    Cheshire Cat: You dislike Pullman? May I ask why?

  5. Because he’s fanatically anti-religion. I should admit the trilogy was quite well-executed, though it fell off a bit towards the end (which happens almost invariably, let’s see how Rowling does).

  6. I think you have got him wrong. He is against the corruption of organised religion not just religion per se. Rowling seems like a kid next to him. She weaves her plots well but literary finesse and sophistication of thought is seen only in Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy. Don’t get me wrong, I read and love reading Rowling too. But Pullman is whom I respect when it comes to the writing craft.

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