My movie!

This the title of this post is completely misleading! The only thing I have done here is add the subtitles! But it was great fun! And the best part is it says “A movie by AFJ.”

All thanks to Beth, of course!

<–This is the poster from 1970s Amitabh Bachchan film Don.


10 thoughts on “My movie!

  1. Obi Wan: I don’t remember too! 😦

    Rohit: No! It is the flick that had the maximum number of clips on that site!

    The Monk: Thanks!

    Rohit again: You are most welcome! 🙂

    Soumyadip: Try with nonsensical dialogues and it’s even better!

    Aklanta: Thanks so much! I hope this translates into something concrete soon!

    Sudarshan: Thanks! Total fun only!

    aSh: Neither did I, till I tried this!

    AquaM: Why not?

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