Postcrossing update

It’s been like nearly 3 months since I joined the Postcrossing Project. I love the idea of sending postcards to people in different parts of the world (like today for instance, I have got Linnea‘s address) and making friends in the bargain. So this is my postcrossing history map. The red lines indicate the postcards I have sent and the blue ones are the ones I have received. I know so far I have got only 1 card so far but I hope things get going soon. I wonder how Aklanta and the other postcrossers are doing.


4 thoughts on “Postcrossing update

  1. Officially I have received three cards after sending. But count of my received cards is 13 because every one whom I have sent responded with a return card. I am really liking it…one of them from Holland sent me some dutch recipies along with the card which I mailed to AquaM…

    so just wait. It’s not far when you will be flooded with cards…

  2. This maybe belongs with the other post, but you have inspired me! I’ve just joined up with postcrossing. It’s really, really cool. I collect old postcards so maybe I will send one of htose. Where in the US did you send? One of your lines looks like it comes quite close to where I live.

  3. WOW! So this postcrossing thing has got you going! It does seem to be a great way to communicate with people is different parts of the world! 🙂

  4. Aklanta: I am jealous of your multicultural card collection! 🙂 I will wait though.

    Beth: I send it to I think MA and lately OR. I will be making handmade cards. Postcrossing is a great project and I wish I could get more postcards!

    Rita: Totally! It’s a bit like the pen pals idea! And it’s great!

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