The strange case of blog ennui

I’m in a less than ideal state of mind. My enthusiasm levels are at an all time low. The motivation to see my blog or even update it has left me for a while. The thing is otherwise, I am okay. I can surf the net, browse through sites, do any number of other things but update my blog. Methinks, I have blog ennui and will snap out of it soon. The irony, which I couldn’t help notice, is that I have posted something under the pretext of not being able to post anything!


11 thoughts on “The strange case of blog ennui

  1. Ups and downs…just like in life, are obvious in blogsphere also.

    At times I feel like snapping everything. That is when I choose to go for a break for some time. After staying away for a while I usually get the appetite back…I suggest you something like that. Perhaps that will work…

  2. Your enthusiasm for your blog might return once you realize and accept that there are people who actually look forward to fresh posts/updates on your blog 🙂 Your not posting regularly is extremely unfair to all of them!!! So, chin up, and write some cracking stuff, and with fewer typos if I may add 🙂

    May the Force be with you.

  3. hey dost,
    i’ve been reading your blog quite regulary for some time. the url is saved in my favourites. and i look forward to each new update. reason?
    i don’t know, but you have introduced me to a whole new world. thanks to you for the quotes from ‘the little prince’. i went and bought that book. and that’s a heavenly book.
    thanks to you for the 100 best all-time novel list. i printed it out and am looking forward to reading each one of them.
    thanks to you for taking me on the trip to the library with AquaM and your other friends. Its like, i’m a part of your life. and i want to know more.
    I want to learn so many things about you, your life, and that can happen only when you keep posting regularly.
    take your time, think a lot, and do keep all of us updated. we are waiting for the next post.
    see ya!
    ur blogdost

  4. Na, na, na! Kono kotha cholbe na!!
    Get out of this state of mind and begin posting as regularly as you used to. What will happen to your poor fans like me? 😦
    BTW, IS IT blog ennui or something else?

  5. haha been through that too!! GOSH! brain freeze i call…:D

    hope u snap out of it soon eh..

    manage to sneak in on ma lappy while on break..haha

    Good weekend Afk!;)

  6. been there done that….look it up on my blog! coincidence…gosh!
    by the power of grey matter….we have the powerrrrrrr 🙂

  7. Aklanta: Thanks so much! It did!

    Obi Wan: Typos are done away with! I am extremely embarassed though. And I think I have snapped out it for now at least! Thanks so much!

    Soumyadip: You do that too, don’t you?

    Adi: Hi blog dost! Thanks so much for the vote of confidence! I didn’t know you liked my blog so much! But now, I am back!

    Rohit: Thanks!

    Rita: I don’t understand! What do you mean “something else”?

    Jewel Rays: Yes, it is like brain freeze! Yup! I need a break!

    Siri: Yes, I did read your blog post. All I can say is “It happens.”

    Abaniko: Hey thanks. That’s what I am trying to do so.

    AquaM: Yes it sure is! 🙂

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