Narnia on film


10 thoughts on “Narnia on film

  1. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to catch it this weekend cos of work, so Monday night it’ll have to be! Am so looking forward to watching it. Fell in love with Narnia when I read The Magician’s Nephew 12-13 years ago! Have all the books in the series now.

  2. yeah, I liked the movie. Being the ardent Pullman fan that I am, I didn’t like the books. I’ve done your perfect lover tag, by the way.

  3. AFJ, this is totally unconnected, but Star Gold is premiering ‘Hazaaron Khwaaishein Aisi’ tonight at 8.30 PM. Since you have been wanting to watch it, you can probably catch it tonight!

  4. I am going to watch the first and then read the book. That way I wont be disappointed, like I was the with the Harry Potter movies. 🙂

  5. Obi Wan: I have read only the first one. I plan to get all the 7. I am so envious of your collection!

    Prerona: So do I! Birds of a feather….you do know how this proverb ends, right?

    educatedunemployed: I will see the movie too and then compare notes with you!

    The Monk: Yes, I saw and commented.

    Rohit: See it and compare it with the books!

    Sudarshan: Google to the rescue!

    Obi Wan: It’s ok. In the end everything is connected. Btw, I did manage to see HKA but not the whole thing!! So I will have to see it on VCD now.

    Zee: And please tell me which is better?

    AquaM: Let’s go for it nah?

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