Nadira: Kabhi alvida na kehna

“I always wanted to be a great actress rather than a star, and never had that star thing even though I was treated like one. I never had the tantrums.” – Nadira

Have you noticed how artists (especially actors) who have gone past their prime are relegated to the bottom shelf of memory? And the media digs them up for a one line news item for a day (or two if they are ailing), half a day or less, if it’s a website. Another actor passes on. Another day is born. No one cares. When this veteran actor of films like Shri 420, Pakeezah, Julie and Sagar was admitted to Tardeo’s Bhatia Hospital on Friday, she hadn’t eaten in two weeks.

So Nadiraji has left this world for a better place. After a struggle with an illness. But she remains immortal now thanks to the movies she made. Who doesn’t remember “Mudh mudh ke na dekh?” Many tributes are popping up over the Net. Some have called her a “sophisticated vamp.” But this trendsetter vamp was born in Israel as Florence Ezekiel. In fact, her only living relative her brother still lives there.

[Just thinking aloud: Why is it that Hindi cinema’s vamps back then, like Nadira and Helen, were all imported (Isreal graciously gave Nadira and Burma Helen) from outside India? Did India think that Indian women couldn’t be “bad” not even on screen?]


15 thoughts on “Nadira: Kabhi alvida na kehna

  1. Yay I’m first here..well to be frank, I didn’t know anything about Nadira, but according to what you say she seems a great actress!Thanks a lot for increasing my GK..It surely will help me in my next quiz!! The two pictures of her are great..nice post:-)

  2. Sad day for our industry: one natural death of a yesteryears great, and one suicide by a television actress (Kuljeet Randhawa)! I will always remember Nadira as one of the strongest faces in Indian cinema, her face had so much character! I didnt know she belonged to Israel, thanks for the info AFJ.
    Btw, you haven’t mentioned another of her great movies – Mehboob Khan’s costume drama Aan, with Dilip Kumar!

  3. Do you believe in all bad news comes in three’s.This is the second death I have heard about today.And what is with our stars?
    Even when Sri Sunil Dutt died, he was alone at home.When Parveen Babbi was it, who was sick with high BP, Diabetes was found dead long after the decaying smell was getting unbearable.And now Nadira, why wasn’t she eating??Its so sad.

  4. Use and throw and dont look back! Dats how I feel the industrry treats its ppl. WHile people remembered as a vamp, Deepti Naval her long time friend had something more to add about Nadira as a human. Sumtimes,the world seems to me a bitter place to live in. Wonder why Kuljeet Randhawa killed herself….

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  7. Sudarshan: You are most welcome!

    Obi Wan: Kuljeet’s case really shocked me. The pics on the post are from Aan.

    Educatedunemployed: I know!

    AquaM: Many people create self-made pressures which make it difficult for people to live upto. And without close friends and family, it can be very daunting. I wish she had somebody to talk to. Then this wouldn’t have happened.

    Rohit: That’s the point nah? Why then were they imported then? Was the idea that western women could be bad but not Indian women?

    Fahd Mirza: Thanks so much! 🙂 And also thanks for dropping by. Do come by again!

    Medelyn: Thanks so much! :)I know sitting still is a bit difficult. We have a saying: The mind is like a monkey. It keeps leaping from topic to topic! But it’s best to try because in this loud and noisy life we have forgotten to appreciate silence. I want to incorporate a 15 min chanting/meditating session in my life everyday. It helps with stress and coping with the tensions of everyday life.

    Soumyadip: Yes, it is totally ironic!

    Nabeel: I agree! Thanks for coming by my blog. Do try and come again!

    Rita: Thanks! I thought the thinking aloud bit was right up your alley!

    Baseball strategies: Thank you! I have added the button on side bar.

    Jigal: Thanks!

    Zee: Thanks! Yes I do know!

    Rita again: Check it out!

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