V day

To everyone who can read this: a very happy V day. It does not mean much to me otherwise. It is just like any other day. Except today, Zee surprised me with a beautiful deep orangish red sun flower! Thanks so much! Yesterday, when I went to Odyssey, the neighbourhood’s most commercial “leisure store” (that’s how they market themselves now: books, CDs, pens, pencils, posters, chocolates all in one breath). I went to get more postcards for the Postcrossing Project. There were red thermocol hearts pasted on the glass windows of the store and some pink and red stringy ribbons hanging from the walls. Not to forget the heart shaped red balloons! (And I thought love came in all shapes and sizes!) All in all an ugly effect. Imagine if Saint Valentine was taken to a a store like this? He would get a heart attack. (No pun intended!)


9 thoughts on “V day

  1. First comment (I’ll kill tcp for getting me into this 1st comment race habit)!!!!

    Yup, seeing all this would have broken St. Valentine’s heart 🙂

    A very happy V-Day to you too. May the Force be with you!

  2. RDB should only be R.D.Burman. Nevertheless, much better review than most I’ve read.
    As for Valentine’s Day, I agree with you – a rip-off.

  3. Hiya, since when did V-Day become a universal day.I always thought Valentine’s was a more personal thing, to celebrate, love and harmony amongst near and dear ones.The whole commercialisation is one good business strategy.

  4. i agree with educated unemployed! people all over let these guys make so much profit today! All for love! to wish someone just for the day! damn. whats wrong with the world!

  5. Hey AFJ, I just ended up posting something in this regard..:)

    I know, the mission of St. Valentine was definitely not what is happening today.(though there are different versions of his story)

  6. Thanku!We just figured out that they are gerberas. lol.
    i want to know why they also add silver and red net all over… it looks ghastly with pink and red hearts.

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