Long time

Yes, it’s been a while. My sincere apologies to all. This hiatus was a combination of having nothing to say and loads of work. Thanks all those who came by to debate the age-old debate of science vs religion, experiment vs faith. I knew it’s a controversial topic and I can see both sides’s points of view. I know what my reclusive friend had to say in response but he is not comfortable to put that down here.


One thought on “Long time

  1. Believe it or not
    1. The Kabba temple in Mecca (Saudi Arabia) was originally a Hindu temple; Kabba derived from the word Kabali or Kabalishwara; a Hindu God
    2. The city of Mecca was originally called Mecceshwar (or) Kashi of the west
    3. Jesus Christ and his 12 apostles were Hindu saints who preached the Bhaagawatha Purana to the people of Israel; the very name Jesus is a corrupted version of Iswara; and Christ a corrupted version of Krishta or Krishna.
    4. The earliest settlers of Britain; France; Greece; Italy; Russia; Germany, etc. were the celtics and druids; cousin brothers of the Hindus
    5. The city of Rome has been named after the Hindu-God-King Ram
    6. Even today, you can see the inscriptions of Bhagawad Gita in the pyramids of egypt.

    For even more dazzling truths, pls visit http://www.stephen-knapp.com/index.htm

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