Do you remember your childhood?

TCP is celebrating 100 postings of comics today. And that made me think about somethings in my childhood. Like these charts. Remember them?

So, I have suddenly found myself a new hobby. Yes, I am collecting them. They have a kitchy cool factor that I cannot get enough of.

<—This one is called “Safety First,” I think.


7 thoughts on “Do you remember your childhood?

  1. Thanks AFJ 🙂 and this “Safety first” comic strip is nice 🙂 Will pinch it from you someday so I can put it up on an appropriate occasion.

  2. That’s funny..collecting comic strips..I loved comics when I was a kid and I love them even the saying goes, a picture says a thousand words:-)

  3. TCP’s is indeed doing a good job. Maybe we should all do our bit in preserving some of these seemingly insignificant things which tend to lapse from our memories.

    The ‘Safety First’ strip does send home the message.

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