Sharad Haksar’s photography

Everyone must be familiar with Sharad Haksar’s photography. Usually, they are the unsual ones with a fresh perspective on the content. To me, he seems to be commenting on the state of affairs as well. Remember the Drink Coca-Cola ad? (Colourful buckets of water and in the background a painted sign that says “Drink Cola-Cola.”) It ran into controversy soon enough with the Cola people. I’m not surprised. Anything that challenges the system usually does. Here’s just an example of his witty different style. You can’t help but SMILE!


10 thoughts on “Sharad Haksar’s photography

  1. yeah, funny snap but the coca cola one was better. And hey, the word cloud on your blog is pretty cool! I got one for myself too and its here

  2. No wonder he’s popular. His pics have a strong recall. This photo here is funny. I won’t be surprised if he’s gonna shoot a bald guy with a shampoo billboard in the background. 🙂

  3. That pic is nice. I remember seeing one which had a cart loaded with apples. In the background was the Microsoft logo. 😀
    Cool na?

  4. hi

    i dont kno abt him…but after reading your post i did search on him… and i find his site….nice pics in it….

    i like most “JUST DO IT” vala…:P


    take care

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