Argentinan-American-Australian Soup

There is something vaguely foreign about me. I get exited by all things that have nothing to do with my culture. Brazilian samba rhythms make my body dance; Iranian films touch my soul; Japanese rock garden and neon signs make me want to move to Japan! During one of my regular browsing stints, I came across this new author whom I’m dying to read, Marsha Mehran.

Mehran’s life is a litany of cross-continental journeys. I feel dizzy just reading about it. Marsha Mehran is an Iranian who has lived in over 3 continents and as many countries. Her parents left Iran to escape the Revolution and settled in Buenos Aires for a while making a living by running a Middle Eastern café charmingly called “El Pollo Loco” (the Crazy Chicken). Mehran in the meanwhile attended a Scottish school. A few years down the line, her footloose family loved to California where her father worked as a sous chef and her mother sold Mary Kay Cosmetics. When she was 14, her parents divorced; Mehran followed her mother to Australia where the rest of her maternal family had moved. But such cross-continental trips leave a mark. As soon as she could, she moved back to NYC with 200 dollars in her pocket. While she worked many kinds of jobs, she indulged in her writing. The result of which is this Iranian Like Water for Chocolate, her first novel Pomergranate Soup. Oh, did I forget to mention, in the midst of all this she has married an Irish guy and lives in Ireland and Brooklyn.

Now, you see why I want to read her novel. I hope it’s half as exciting her life!

PS: You can’t miss the UK cover of her book on the left and that’s her on the right.


8 thoughts on “Argentinan-American-Australian Soup

  1. ‘Eclectic’ indeed! Hope the book lives up to your expectations!
    Btw, I’ve always considered myself an Italian (actually, more Sicilian than Italian) at heart. Guess I read too many mob books during my growing up years 🙂

  2. Wow…living in so many places is really a blessing…you experience so many many different cultures…the diversity of experiences is just amazing. You become a better individual!! Even I want to read that book now:-)

  3. What if all the moving around, a broken family and instability in life brings out a broken down personna in her writing?Would she be judged for not being ‘exciting’?

  4. Dan reffered this page of urs to me
    i dont read…if only i have to read i have read only chemistry…anyways…u have a nice place to visit agn

  5. Good looking authors and the first name that came to my mind was Jhumpa Lahiri.

    Everyone of us wants to do something crazy and exiciting, but few take the risks or are actually shoved into it. For the rest, we post comments on interesting blogs.

    PS: Could you please mail me the recipe for pomengranate soup.

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