The Guilt Meme

Beth has tagged me after a long time. Here’s my long overdue post on the Guilt meme.

Culinary Guilt: I don’t cook. Not that I can’t cook. I have cooked in the past and it’s been okay. I don’t know if this is a being-a-woman-therefore-have-to-cook thing. I don’t eat healthy enough food. I eat meat and enjoy it.

Literary Guilt: I am not reading the books already sitting there on my shelf. (Just like Obi Wan.) I am not pursuing a literary-enough career.

Audiovisual Guilt: I actually like movies like “The Princess Diaries.”

Musical Guilt: I don’t listen to music, as much I would like to.

When I was 13, my mom took me to this guy to learn Rabindrasangeet. And then she realised that I can’t read Bengali fluently. So she sang along. Rather it was like I was an outsider in my own singing class. My mom and the teacher had a great time. I didn’t! I refused to go for subsequent classes. I only wish I could have. Today, I would know at least something. I can hum along and maybe even sing a very few lines. But I can’t sing a complete song in Bengali.

Celebrity Guilt: When I look back, I wonder how I did it but I did. I have taken autographs of movie stars. This is where I whisper: Sridevi and Sunny Deol.

And the following categories have been added because I am really guilty about them.

Fashion Guilt: I use leather. My feet are especially sensitive. They crack in non-leather footwear. And I have an embossed leather wallet as well. And I don’t intend to give any of them up!

Ecological Guilt: I use paper, petrol, and plastic. However hard I try to be eco-friendly, it’s yet to catch up in full mode here. The self-proclaiming eco-friendly shops are too expensive to be used on a daily basis.

Blog Guilt: I don’t blog often enough. I haven’t been able to visit those nice people who come over and comment on my blog for a rather long time. I haven’t checked ALL the blogs on my sidebar for I think ever!

The Guilt(y) relay race baton goes to (5 other people):



Note: My tagged sweethearts, you don’t have to do the categories that I added. Just do the regular categories.

6 thoughts on “The Guilt Meme

  1. I sincerely recommend you start working on the second part of your Literary guilt. ’tis never too late to follow your heart! Reminds me of my own literary guilt that I missed out on – started writing a book 3 years ago, haven’t moved beyond the middle of the 1st chapter! One of these days…

  2. Hi AFJ. I learned of my assignment the day you posted this but I haven’t started doing it. I’m guilty. Will see if I get to do the meme in the coming days.

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