A crazy Saturday again!

What is it with Saturdays and me? In the last one, I got a “bomb.” And in this one I ended up watching two movies: The Memoirs of a Geisha and Being Cyrus. I loved both of them, even though they were diametrically different, for their sheer craft.

At the movie theatre, I was offered a free hair wash. (I declined. No thanks. There was 10 minutes to go for the movie to start.) As soon as the pink lab coated ladies left, another aggressive woman appeared! With a mike no less! She came charging towards me. (Do I look like a babe magnet? Yikes! There’s a line I would never say!) She wanted my funny face. Why? Apparently, you could win a digicam if your face was the funniest. (I ran away much to the chagrin of Rita and AquaM. Sorry guys, I hate being photographed!)

I came back in the evening to see Being Cyrus with my mama and AquaM. Well, she wanted to see a movie and I wanted to see this movie. AquaM jumped for a full minute because she wanted to see Saif Ali Khan. My mom agreed because I told her that Dimple Kapadia was in the movie. Mom, you see, comes from the Dimple-crazy times when Bobby was a hit and she was a schoolgirl. I warned her that Dimple looks like a hag. (Btw, she did.) And she – Mom not Dimple – hasn’t stopped complaining how bad Dimple looked and acted.


9 thoughts on “A crazy Saturday again!

  1. I love bein photographed 🙂
    I too loved Being Cyrus, actually different, Saif rocked, and yes, I agree, Dimple was a big let-down!

  2. Dimple was never a good actress … DCH me bhi..she looked hurt and all but actingwise she is thanda. Gorgeous hair though

  3. Now I know why I saw you standing near those steps.. 😛
    Well good that you didnt go for the funny face thing. 🙂

  4. yeah, Dimple was looking awful! I was disappointed in her acting too…she kept dropping the parsi accent every now and then and lapsing into regular hindi. i thought the movie was interesting but had something incomplete about it.

  5. Didn’t like ‘Being Cyrus’ at all. Found it too pretentious. Good bits and pieces but doesnt make a whole.

    And Dimple, maybe am missing something but i thought she was hot! 🙂

    no pictures with this post?!

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