Metroblogging Chennai is on

Chennai’s very own Metroblogging site is up now. I am one of their writers. This is my first post.

Metroblogging is an online media project. 10 to 20 writers from a city write about the city to give a broad overview of it. I represent Chennai since I live here.

You can also write for Metroblogging. It’s voluntary and requires a commited 3+ posts per week. So soch lo before you want to sign up. If not, just read them. That’s good fun too!


4 thoughts on “Metroblogging Chennai is on

  1. Mubarak Ho! But another way of looking at it is that you will now have even lesser time to write on your own blog! 🙂

  2. Read your posts. I’ve lived in all the metros but Chennai’s still my favorite. I tell my non-southie friends, “You know you will really like Chennai. You just need to get used to the weather, autowallahs, language problems, food, scarcity of water, conservative people (read girls :p) and you’ll be fine.” Thats when my voice is drowned out by laughter.

    But the Eliots beach is the best. I stayed for about 13 months in one of those apts above Karaikudi restaurant/Reliance showroom, in Besant Nagar (7th avenue, if I remember correctly). It was the best address in town. I used to go for frequent walks too on the beach, but only after 11 PM to avoid the crowds, and think. Of course, on 25th Dec, 2004 it got pretty scary when I saw from my balcony, hundreds of people running away from the beach and chaos and screams filled the air.

    Oops, will stop this nostalgic trip now as I seem to be hijacking your blog…

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