Sorry sorry sorry

After reading Obi Wan’s comments, I have to post this. I know sorry does not make a dead man alive but I have been caught up in work work work. Can you see how bad it is? Even my written words echo! The little time that I have I try and do nothing! That’s because I’m very very exhausted by the end of it. Yesterday, I went to bed way early 7:30. In the evening, not morning! And I haven’t sauntered in bloggerland in ages! Sorry for this unexpected break. I think I have stashed some writings away. If I have nothing to post – which is untrue, I can think of a million things to post – I will post them. Btw, this is a backdated entry.

PS: The pic is NOT of me!!*

*I love saying this again and again! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Sorry sorry sorry

  1. Apologies accepted. But your situation can’t be worse than mine! No time to blog, no time to blog hop! I am S-T-U-C-K 😦

  2. Arre don’t make me feel guilty by apologising so much. It’s just that we are so used to reading rocking stuff extremely regularly on your blog that when the rhythm is broken, it feels odd 🙂
    Get back soon, and don’t make this non-blogging into a habit pls 🙂

  3. apologies? what would you do when blogging turns from a spontaneous expression to writing because some people miss your writings? no. don’t apologize. write when you can. that’s when it comes out best, they say.

    that apart, i’ve also missed your blogs recently. thankfully that coincides with a time when i haven’t been reading too many blogs myself.


  4. Lol Obi’s right have been really inactive in blogworld!!! However, this happens…we have other priorities too..anyway I hope to see you back in full flow soon:-)

  5. wow… the contrast was so badly adjusted on my monitor that I didn’t notice there was an outline of a woman in the picture at all.

  6. Any writing you do is to be read some one other than you.
    So keep posting so that others can read and comment
    Oh, I forgot to mention…I just drifted in.

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